Building regulations
You need Building Regulations Approval for most building work involving extensions and new building.
The regulations are made under the Buildings Act 1994. These Regulations are continuously updated. The latest change in 2003 dealt with sound insulation. Changes coming in 2004 deal with access for disabled persons.
  • Building regulations
  • Types of approval
  • Full plans applications
A.Cooksey & Sons Plan Drawing & Building Services will make the application for Building Regulations Approval on your behalf. Detailed drawings showing how the structure is put together are provided to the Building Inspector for approval.
The Building Inspector requires a deposit payment to be made. The Inspector will check compliance with the regulations and within6 to 8 weeks will either approve the plans or approve them subject to conditions. The Inspector provides a set of notices that you or your builder must send in at various stages of the work. Fee's for a typical extension is £140 and a single dwelling is £176 for plan charge. Inspection charge for an extension is £280 plus vat and a single dwelling is £442 plus vat.
When the work commences, the inspector will make a visit. After the first visit, the Inspector will send you an invoice for the inspection fee. When the work is complete, the Inspector issues a completion certificate, useful for when you later sell the property.

Building notice
You can gain Building Regulations Approval by using this simpler procedure. You pay the combined plan and inspection fee up front. There are no 'approved' plans for you to use when you sell the property or engage a builder. Fees for a building notice charge for an extension is £420 plus vat and a single dwelling £620 plus vat.

Building works
Most work, including demolition, requires Building Regulations Approval.
Some types of work are exempt, for example buildings which are:
used as a domestic greenhouse
some extensions of up to 30 square metres, which are greenhouses, conservatories, porches, covered yards or carports
For full details, however, you should contact your local authority Building Control Department.
Building regulations
Features controlled by building regulations
  • The structure - For loading, ground movement and stability
  • Site preparation resistance to moisture - Resistance to weather and ground moisture - to avoid penetrating and rising damp
  • Sound - Insulation from airborne and impact sound and to reduce the nuisance transmission of sound
  • Hygiene - Bathrooms and washing facilities
  • Heating - Safety of and air supply to and discharge from heating appliances
  • Insulation - To conserve fuel and power
  • Glazing - Reducing the risk of injury
  • Fire safety - Means of escape, fire spread and access for the fire service
  • Toxic substances - Deals with cavity insulation
  • Ventilation - Ventilation of living space and roofs to combat condensation
  • Drainage - Foul water and rainwater disposal
  • Stairs        Safety and design of stairs, ramps and guards
  • Disabled persons - Access and facilities for the disabled
Variable costs
These are the fees charged by A.Cooksey & Sons Plan Drawing Services. The fee covers professional fees based on time spent:
carrying out the initial survey
draw up plans to scale using the latest software programme AutoCAD.
filling in all required application forms on your behalf
making the applications
discussions with Planning Officers up to the point of decision
It is not possible to give an accurate indication of the cost as this depends on many variable factors. Fees are most likely to be between £100 upwards depending on what stage you want for the drawings.
Wessex Water will charge:
  • £225 for an application to build within 3000mm of or over a public sewer up to and including 150mm diameter
  • £315 for an application to build within 3000mm of or over a public sewer between 150mm and 300mm diameter
Fixed Costs
These are costs that you would have to pay if you did the planning work yourself. The bulk of this relates to the charges made for applications by the local authority. Additionally, you have to pay for:
  • Ordnance Survey Plans (Scale 1:1250) - typically £15 - £25
  • Structural Calculations (as invoiced by engineer) - typically from £50.00 to £250.00
  • Wessex Water - Initial enquiry and asset search £35.00
Planning Permission
All local authority planning application fees are uniform. The two most common categories are:
Application for permission for an extension or detached ancillary building on the site - £135.00
Application for a new dwelling - £265.00
Building Regulations Approval
The local authorities in the Wessex / Wiltshire area charge uniform fees. Under the Building (Prescribed Fees) Regulations 1994, plan deposit fees are charged for the following types of work:

Type of development
Plan charge (plan deposit fee) inc. VAT
  • Garages and car ports up to 60m2 - £140.00
  • Extensions and Loft Conversions up to 10m2 - £140.00
  • Extensions and Loft Conversions from 10m2 up to 40m2 - £140.00
  • Extensions and Loft Conversions from 40m2 up to 60m2 - £140.00
Other works
  • £1,001 - £2,000 - £117.50 (no inspection fee charged)
  • £2,001 - £5,000 - £193.88 (no inspection fee charged)
  • £5,001 - £10,000 - £51.11 - £61.69
  • £10,001 - £20,000 - £64.33 - £88.13
Party Wall Act 1996
The government of the time brought in legislation to protect "neighbours" from the consequences of any work done on their boundary by others - people such as our clients who are doing building work. This work could cause nuisance, annoyance, and indeed damage to the neighbour's property.
Essentially you have to give a written notice of your intention to do any work within 3 metres of the boundary at least 2 months before starting work. It obviously helps if you have verbal discussions about your proposal with your neighbour, beforehand. The explanatory booklet on the subject gives examples of specimen letters you can write and how to deal with various typical scenarios.
As we are not lawyers, we draw your attention to your duties and suggest that you check with your solicitor. You can obtain the free booklet from the following sources:
Government website: Government Party Wall 1996 regulations and then follow the link by clicking on The Party Wall etc. Act 1996: explanatory booklet.
Call 0870 1226 236 and ask for the booklet entitled "The Party Wall etc. Act 1996: explanatory booklet"
More useful information can be found on your authorities web sites in Planning /building control section
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